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Can you imagine giving birth in paradise?

Your child gets
two citizenships

100% humanized childbirth

Almost all of our couples gave birth naturally! We have had different childbirths: in a hospital with a team of doctors, home births with a doula, at the hospital with a doula and a team of doctors, and water births.

All the births have in common that only the specialists who work in our team, fully and completely share the desire, like the mother, to achieve a natural birth. And even with 2-3-4 cord entanglement, or an incorrect presentation of the fetus (one of the last births), all the babies were born by themselves, without consequences for them nor mommy. We know how to act in the most urgent situations!

It is better to entrust such a responsible and important event in your life to professionals, and not experiment, trying to save money.

We work officially and under a contract

This is what distinguishes us from unreliable “private traders” and non-core companies. Allow yourself the birth without consequences, getting all the documents for the baby and parents on time, with a real certified doula, and be sure that you will be allowed to enter Mexico at the border upon arrival.

You will know all the details from our side from the correct filling of the migration card, a package of necessary documents for registration of permanent residence,to the process time and prices for duties.

Why give birth in Mexico?

Modern clinics

-The clinics have the prestigious JCI certificate.
-3 million people in the USA and Canada use medical services in Mexico every year.
-Doctors are constantly improving their qualifications in the States or Europe.
-Clinics are equipped with the most modern technological equipment.
-Favorable prices for childbirth.
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Benefits of mexican citizenship

Dual citizenship is an incredible privilege to have. Not only can you live abroad, but you can use your second passport to access more countries visa-free.

More options for where your child can live, work, invest and retire when grown up.

A passport from Mexico lets you travel to 145 countries/territories without a prior visa.

Another benefit of dual-citizenship is being able to claim consular protection from both of your nationalities.

Having a child in Mexico entitles parents to apply for residency in Mexico.

You can acquire properties in Mexico without the limitations that a foreign faces.

Mexican citizenship for your child

And the baby will be able to travel without a visa to 145 countries, including European countries (the entire Schengen area), Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others. Simplified obtaining of Spanish citizenship - a period of 2 years.


What's the price?


Absolutely all * documents are included in this package:
🔹 Baby certificate (it is possible to get it in 1-2 days at home)
🔹 Apostille and translation of the birth certificate (possibly3-4 daysbefore receiving at home)
🔹 Registration of a Mexican passport for a baby
🔹 Registration of the passport of the country of the parents for the baby
🔹 Registration of permanent residence for parents (2 people maximum)
🔹 Constant WApp support for any questions(24/7)related to documents
* Passports for parents (Mexican citizenship) can be obtained after 2 years. Any state fees are always paid separately.
Get for 2500$


🔹 Information support in preparation for arrival
🔹 Meeting at the airport and transfer
🔹 Selection and display of housing, if it was not selected in advance, registration of a lease agreement
🔹 Information support on household issues: mobile communications, the Internet, excursions, shopping, photosets, Spanish language courses, clothes and goods for the baby
🔹 Selection of a doctor and a hospital, depending on the conditions of your pregnancy
🔹 Accompanying consultations and childbirth
🔹 24/7 WApp support for any questions related to the subject of the contract
🔹 The constantpresence of a qualified doula interpreterin the hospital during childbirth, from the moment of arrival at the hospital until the receipt of all documents for discharge with the newborn
🔹 Post-natal counseling
🔹 Documents for the baby
Get for 4000$


🔹 Meeting at the airport and transfer
🔹 Search and booking an apartment
🔹 Help in choosing a hospital and a doctor
🔹 Accompanying consultations and childbirth
🔹 Post-natal counseling
🔹 Support by WApp 24/7
🔹 Documents for the baby
🔹 Registration of permanent residence for parents (2 people maximum)

* The minimum stay in Mexico for processing all documents for the baby, his parents and older children is 1 month after the birth of the child. Documents for the baby are made with acceleration in 2-3 weeks.

Get for 4800$


If you are used to VIP-service and individual approach, then your choice is the "Premium" package

🔹 Chauffeur services and escort in a private car when choosing a clinic and for all consultations to a gynecologist
🔹 Beauty salon services (manicure and pedicure - once every 3-6 weeks, haircut and styling - once every 5-6 weeks for 3 months)
🔹 Pilates or yoga subscription for pregnant women from the 30th week of pregnancy until the baby is born
🔹 Individual family excursion for 1 day
🔹 Mini-documentary about your stay in Cancun
🔹 Spa service for preparation for childbirth (depilation)
🔹 Spanish language courses for 1 family member (1 month)
🔹 Family photo session before childbirth (work not by the clock, but until the result)
🔹 Necessaries for the baby for 3 months: a stroller, car seat, crib, toys
🔹 Tamis for a newborn - screening for more than 60 possible genetic pathologies (mandatory analysis for a newborn)
🔹 Acceleration processing for some documents for a Mexican baby
🔹 Photoshoot of the childbirth at the hospital
🔹 Newborn photoshoot with family
🔹 Ritual of labor closure
🔹 Accompanying a maternity support consultant
🔹 Development of a course on postpartum recovery "Healthy mom"
🔹 Massage course for the pregnant women
🔹 Preparation course for the childbirth and postpartum period
(You can choose 7 of 20, please ask us the full list of services)
Get for 8000$

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